Life Happens

Episode 6 - February 13, at 8 pm ET

Legendary pianist Keith Jarrett once said, “If you’re waiting for something to happen then you’re probably missing what’s happening while waiting.”

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Love Yourself

Episode 5 - February 6, at 8 pm ET

Imagine waking up Saturday morning without anything on your calendar. No errands to run, laundry is already washed and folded. “Goodness,” you say to yourself, “I can do something I really want!”

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Capture the Moment

Episode 4 - January 30, at 8 pm ET

What is your favorite photograph? The one that makes you smile every time you see it. Maybe it was your first time on a beach or of you and your group of college friends. Perhaps an anniversary never to forget.

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Accepting Change

Episode 3 - Sunday January 23, at 8 pm ET

In this episode of Calm it Down, explore music which may feel radically different today, but could very well be your go-to favorite tomorrow.

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Be Yourself

Episode 2 - Sunday, January 16, at 8 pm ET

In this week’s episode of Calm It Down Radio, host Chad Lawson invites you to free yourself from life’s critical lens and embrace what makes you, you.

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Take a Breath

Episode 1 - Sunday, January 9, at 8 pm ET

When was the last time you took a deep exhale, letting everything go?

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