Calm it Down

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How do we swim this ocean of life when we feel like we’re constantly drowning? On my best days I’m barely dog-paddling just to stay above the water.

Together we’ll learn to navigate the negative currents as we search to anchor ourselves in calmer waters. Join me each week as we learn to pause, breathe and quiet our mind in this vast ocean of ups and downs in what we call life, as we Calm it Down.

Chad Lawson

As a Steinway Artist and composer, Chad Lawson, has released numerous number one recordings including his most recent release, You Finally Knew (Decca Records/Universal), recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

He has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NPR's All Things Considered and is usually found on concert stages around the world (at least...until Covid hit the playbill). He began the podcast, Calm it Down, after receiving countless emails from listeners detailing how his music is helping them calm their anxieties and emotional struggles. “I simply had to do something.” he states. “I wanted to go deeper in trying to help others in their most difficult times of life.”

New episodes are every Tuesday at as well as Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Overcast and everywhere else where podcasts are available.

You can find more information about Chad Lawson’s music, including his new release, You Finally Knew (Decca Records/Universal Music) across every streaming platform such as Spotify / Apple / Amazon and everywhere else.

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