3 Ways to Unplug and Give Yourself an Emotional Break

3 Ways to Unplug and Give Yourself an Emotional Break

In 2019, the average person spent 223 minutes per day on mobile devices.

That’s nearly four hours of daily screen time—and that time adds up. 

It can be distracting. Overwhelming, even. And so now more than ever, it’s important that we make time to unplug and recharge from the stressors of the modern world.

Here are three strategies for doing just that:

1. Take a social media detox.

Structure it as you see fit, but a break from social media can bring a number of benefits.

Millions of people spend hours scrolling on social media every day—but is this really productive (and conducive to our well-being)?

This is where a social media detox may come in. You might distance yourself from social platforms by temporarily deactivating your accounts, or by deleting the Instagram and Twitter apps from your phone so they’re less readily-accessible.

By doing so, you can take a step back, stop comparing yourself to others, and reevaluate what matters in your life.

2. Sleep with your phone in another room.

Cell phones can disrupt our ability to sleep in several ways.

First, the blue light emitted from our screens can impede our ability to get sound sleep.

Additionally, phones are inherently distracting. Even with the volume down, we’ll likely receive alerts—often paired with vibrations and a noticeable glow of the screen—that can make it tough to rest.

Sleeping with your phone in another room can change all of this. So, think about keeping your cell in the kitchen (or another room) overnight, and try to calm your mind. Make a habit of this well-deserved emotional break.

3. Spend 30 minutes reading each day.

Curling up with a good book can not only reduce stress, but improve our mental faculties.

Even 30 minutes per day can make a difference.

With that, pull your favorite novel off the shelf, or maybe some nonfiction, and engage your mind. Yale University researchers have even found that people who read for several hours a week may live longer. Talk about a productivity boost!

What are your strategies for unplugging and taking an emotional break? Please share them with us in the comments below.